Ready Made Shelf Company

Hoo Secretarial Services is pleased to present a list of companies.    
All new shelf companies at RM2,800 nett only!        
This list is dated 26 August 2019        
Please request a Formal Proposal from us before proceed to buy any shelf company.  
(If you still not like the below companies list call us to provide us more company list!!!)  
1 Giro Revolusi S/B 25.03.19 1319536-P   2 Projek Surirasa S/B 16.04.19 1322499-M
3 Panorama Perkasa S/B 17.07.19 1334635-P 4 Ara Logistik S/B 22.04.19 1323630-K
5 Pinang Pesona S/B 18.07.19 1334851-T 6 Melodi Sutramas S/B 23.04.19 1323812-D
7 Giro Promosi S/B 18.07.19 1334729-A 8 Medi Multimedia S/B 12.06.19 1329776-H
9 Jana Strategi S/B 31.07.19 1336254-A  10 Intrajaya Logistik S/B 12.06.19 1329861-T
11 Pro Pakatan S/B 29.07.19 1336175-M 12 Odesi Anggun S/B 18.07.19 1334849-X
13 Gem Integrasi S/B 31.07.19 1336345-K 14 Mawar Multimedia S/B 18.07.19 1334853-W
15 Armada Bonus S/B 17.07.19 1334637-H 16 Delima Digital S/B 18.07.19 1334705-T
17 Sigma Sensasi S/B 08.08.19 1337574-W 18 Marina Mentari S/B 08.08.19 1337641-W
19 Bio Mesrajaya S/B 08.08.19 1337729-M 20 Savana Mewah S/B 08.08.19 1337571-H
21 Armani Abadi S/B 08.08.19 1337734-T <R> 22 Mampu Multimedia S/B 08.08.19 1337633-P
23 Jernih Jutawan S/B 08.08.19 1337652-H <R> 24 Cita Cendana S/B 08.08.19 1337619-T
25 Arah Karisma S/B 08.08.19 1337738-U <R> 26 Jelita Janamas S/B 08.08.19 1337651-M
27 Trans Konsult S/B 22.07.19 1337376-T   28 Taipan Revolusi S/B 22.04.19 1323628-U

What is a "Shelf Company"? A Shelf company is a company that has already been legally created and registered with the Registrar Of Companies (ROC) but is non-operational and is for sale. The companies are ready for someone to buy, change the list of directors, etc and start operations very quickly.

Why do I want one? With a Shelf Company you do not have to spend time waiting for the creation and registration process - you can start operating the company immediately. If you choose to create and register a company "yourself", it can take up to 4 weeks to get the paperwork through the regulatory system. In actual fact, you CAN NOT register a company yourself - you must hire a Company Secretarial firm to do this and retain one of these Secretarial firms as long as your company is registered.